Private Studio

I am now accepting new students to my private piano studio in Oakland, CA. My specialty is advanced, intermediate, and late-beginner levels. 

For inquiries or to schedule an interview, please contact me through the Contact page. 

My piano teaching is both traditional and innovative. My formative teachers were Russian, Hungarian, Israeli, and American. This eclectic mix of mentors shared a commitment to artistry, expression, style, and technique. They were all demanding in their own way, and they did not settle for anything but the highest standards. Still they were compassionate and cared about me as a whole person. Each in their own way, they brought about deep changes in my playing, and  instilled a life-long love for the process of making music at the piano.

The holistic element in my teaching seeks to address each student as a whole person. This often entails tapping into a student’s strengths, but also confronting their stumbling blocks and weaknesses. As is true with all performing artists (and athletes), the work of piano students involves a lifelong commitment to the craft itself, which must be sustained by a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

In addition to my role as coordinator of Piano at Cal State East Bay, I teach privately in my home in Oakland. I am involved in several music organizations such as MTAC (Music Teachers Association of California), CAPMT (California Association of Professional Music Teachers) and others. My membership in these organizations allows me to enroll my students in public recitals as well as assessments such as Certificate of Merit. I am often called to adjudicate at regional piano competitions such as CM and others, and I have done so extensively in North Carolina.